I hold a Ph.D. in English from the University of Canterbury. I’m currently an
Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of
Tehran, a translator, and a researcher. I’m also Director of the University of
Tehran Center for Foreign Languages.

My main areas of interest are wide and varied and include Postcolonialism,
Diaspora Studies, Subaltern Studies, Middle Eastern Memoirs, 
Literary Criticism, Post-9/11 Literature,  Iranian Studies, American Studies, 
Travel Studies, Critical Literacy, Critical Discourse Analysis, Persian/English 
Digital Humanities,  and Poetry!   

My monograph, Representing Post-Revolutionary Iran: Captivity, Neo-Orientalism,
and Resistance in Iranian–American Life  Writing  
(Bloomsbury, 2022),  offers  the
first in-depth critical exegesis of three iconic “memoirs” on Iran. In December
2023, I was awarded the Young Assistant Professors Award by Iran’s National
Elites Foundation.

Latest News


Three Poems by Leila Kordbache Translated

Translation of Three poems by Leila Kordbache My translation of three poems by Dr. Leila Kordbache has just appeared on Parsagon: The Persian Literature Review

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PARSAGON: The Persian Literature Review

Parsagon 5 Published

Parsagon 05 (2018) published The latest issue of PARSAGON: The Persian Literature Review, (Issue 5) has just been released and is available for download in

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3 poems published

3 Poems Published Three of my poems on the themes of exile, immigration, and home have just been published on Parsagon.com.   You can read the

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